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Locksmith Services You Need When Buying A New Property

Besides policemen who arrive to the location of a home burglary, locksmiths are probably the next persons who know just how many people fail to get their new home locks re-keyed or changed. While ignored by so many, re-keying locks is an essential part of any moving process. It will held the new owners make sure that the old keys that might be still circulating out there cannot be used to gain access to the place without their knowledge and consent. Let's find out exactly what re-keying a lock means and why it's a must to get your locks re-keyed by a professional locksmith even before you are ready to move in.

What Does Re-keying A Lock Mean?locksmith services authorized locksmiths

When they re-key a lock, locksmiths pull it apart to re-key or change the pins inside the barrel. This is done so that the old key can no longer be used. This is an affordable way of getting rid of the old keys without having to invest in a brand new lock. There are special DIY re-keying kits you can buy if you are interested in personally taking care of business, but you are highly recommended to hire a professional locksmith whose job is to change and re-key all makes and models of locks all day long. In case your lock is a complex one or you have zero skills or experience with locks and pins, you should definitely rely on trained locksmith services. You definitely don't want to be moving into your brand new home and start messing around with your security since day one.

Why Should You Re-Key The Locks To Your New Place?

  • Because you will gain peace of mind knowing none of the persons who used to have a copy to your keys to you buying the house can currently gain access to it any longer.

  • Locksmiths are often times called to properties post burglaries and they notice there are no signs of forced entry. Thus, someone actually had a key they used to get in, and this is because the new owners failed at re-keying their locks on time.

  • Old tenants, owners, cleaners, or maintenance people might still be holding on to old keys people or old staff. After all, getting a copy of a key is fast and cheap and you can practically do it at any street corner, so blindly trusting there are no more copies out there is not a smart thing to do.

  • Plus, think in terms of cheaper insurance premium as well. There are lots of insurance companies that currently require new home owners to re-key their locks in order to provide them with full coverage for the property and its contents. So re-keying is no longer a matter of ''if”, but rather “how soon”.

  • Locksmiths can not only re-key locks, but they can also replace old and worn-out ones with brand new, and more effective ones. They can install locks and safety bars on windows and even handle home alarm systems.

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